Finishing work

This is me being honest with you here.

One of the things I HATE to hear about my art is, "well it's just not finished". 

Do I strive to make work that is unfinished? Do I only fall in love with beginnings? 

These are questions I ask myself as I have to pull my own teeth when working on a series. Why is making a series so hard for me? Do I have AADD- Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder??

There's something beautiful and intoxicating about fresh marks on a page. I love the raw energy that is felt in the first stages of creation. What I hate is when a  painting begins to lose it's passion, it gets overworked, or looks "too finished". I don't necessarily strive to create an unfinished look-- I just get bored sometimes! What i've realized is after the initial marks and the first few hours of a piece, I have to fall in love with it again; I have to find new thing to get excited about again. 

This process of mine is itself a work in progress, but so am I. The more I make, the more I grow, the more I realize what finishing my work means to me. So maybe I do have creative commitment issues-- but I promise to keep things fresh, for better or worse, til death do I art. 

Aesthetically Yours,

Christina Nicola