After New York and The Now

Hello! It's been a month since the amazing whirlwind that was Superfine!. 

Here's a quick break down of what happened there and what's happened here since then: I got sick twice, sold eight pieces, met many people, stalked them on Instagram... and can't wait to go back to NYC soon :) :) :) 

Since then I've been focusing on various money-making activities...working with doggos, freelance writing and pitter-pattering between fine art and commercial art, experimentally...
To answer one of my most frequently asked questions...mostly by friends and family, (I don't have -fans- hitting me up on IG so don't get that idea)

"When are you showing again and where?"

NEVER! I'm done. 

But in reality i want to take a break from....shows for now? Just for now. Not a break from art of course. Here's the deal- I want to spend time really digging into my new body of work...understanding it and understanding me. To do that, I need to spend a lot of intensely focused time not exposing myself to the art community. Ya feel me?

When I show I get all these questions, why is this here, why is that there why are you doing this?! And I love that! I welcome that, but you know, I need to tell myself why too. 

So it may be sooner rather than later, but that's really the answer if you were wondering. 
Follow me on Instagram though, that's where I post the most. 

Yeah the point of the blog was really to get me to post more frequently. I write like 2000 words on a regular basis and can't seem to write a blog about my work/self/art? how strange. Anyway, the future looks bright and commercial and full of fine art and glitter and blood and confetti and paintings of Beyonce. :) I'll write a bit more about my new series soon. 

Aesthetically and enigmatically yours,