The Best Advice I've Ever Heard

The best advice I’ve ever heard would have to be the following:

Instead of feeling your way to an action
act your way to a feeling.

You see, I want to feel passion in my art, but am I acting passionately? 

My artistic process is somewhat of a cycle. A period of furious creation preceded by paralyzing fear.  

I still seek validation as an artist/as a person, and I question if I’m doing things right- as we all do.
Often times, I’ll refrain from creating, simply because

“I feel sad, or don’t feel like it”.

What helps me work through this is realizing that emotions are fleeting little things. 
When my art is on display, my sadness is not an excuse for why the best of ME is not there. 

So you want passion? Stop actively feeling lethargic. 
Your next piece is your best piece.
You have a lot more than you think have.
You know a lot more than you think you do.
And if you act the way you want to feel, you’ll get there.

I’ve found that if you work out of passion and determination, instead of current emotions, energy and fascination will have no choice but to concede to your desires.

Aesthetically Yours, 

Christina Nicola