I Can Be Both! #ArtistEdition

I always find it curious to ask people about Picasso. 

Non-artists will say "Well he was alright, but I like Van Gogh a lot better-- sure he cut off his ear but he wasn't an asshole."

And art enthusiasts will say, "he was great until he got to that cubist shit, what was that about?!"

Me- I love the man. Picasso is the perfect example of the artists' spirit I subscribe to: He was a master of multiple styles. Many people only associate him with cubism as he was one of its founding fathers but anyone that ventures beyond his cubist era will see the sheer beauty and genius of the man.  As the legend goes, he learned to draw before he could write and the last minutes of his life were spent drawing. 

This idea of being a multifaceted artist is sort of ingrained in me, and I started to think of it in new terms when the "I can be both!" campaign surfaced on social media. This movement popularized the idea that women can be both (A.) professional, well dressed people while in the same breath (B.) be cleavage baring, provacative women and still be just the same quality of human that they were before-- no better and no less. 

Quite similarly, this is true for artists. Throughout the multiple styles of art making, an artist "can be both"! An artist that I follow on Instagram posts a lot of quick sketches, but one day posted a smoother, fully realized painting. He mentioned that he posted it because people think that he is only capable of drawing sketchy, messy pictures and are surprised that he "really can paint" or is "actually really good at drawing". Sure an artist MAY only paint one thing but that doesn't mean they CAN ONLY paint that one thing. The beauty of art is that anything is possible. The beauty of the artist is that we are capable of anything!

I aspire to be like Picasso in being capable of mastering any style. This desire allows for growth if nothing else. I always giggle when people look at my art and say "your art is this way and we're looking for something a little more ____" (insert incredibly niche word here). The idea of a commission is to take my capabilities and marry it to what you envision. Granted we all have our own unique way to make art, but I am capable of anything. 

So-- I can be both, I can be all and I can do anything-- you still may not like my brand of impressionism, realism, minimalism or whatever it is you're looking for, but that's fine. I may not be that good at a particular style but that just allows me more room for growth! Art is limitless and I would like my visions and reality to be as well.

Aesthetically Yours,

Christina Nicola